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        Explanation of icon.
        Function name:Lead-free
        Ensuring the high quality of conventional eutectic solder is Nipron's top priority in converting to lead-free production. The following policies help ensure that Nipron”Ēs lead-free production meets or exceeds conventional quality levels.

        1.Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder composition for an ideal balance of reliability, workability, and ease-of-handling
        2.Water soluble preflux used as OSP in PCB processing to ensure quality and ease-of-handling
        3.Selection and periodic inspection of PCB manufacturing facilities
        4.Thorough microscopic inspection of PCB both before and after mounting of components
        5.Thorough implementation of a PDCA cycle to incorporate feedback from manufacturing facilities and parts vendors into the quality assurance process
        6.Continuous improvement of production lines

        Detailed report (PDF)

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