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        Home Second Generation Power SupplySecond Generation Power Supply
        1U/2U uncomplianceCompactPCI uncomplianceVMEbus uncomplianceERP uncomplianceRedundant uncomplianceOther complianceSSI-DPS uncompliance
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        DC24V Input Fanless ATX Power Supply
         PCFD-180P-X2S - Designed for natural air cooling
        - Rated load operation is available for each output individually (no minimum load current required: 0A)
        - +24V output is also available (24V output is constantly delivered.)
        - It can be customized as mulch-output power supply by replacing the output unit (3ch maximum)
        - Backup function at blackout
        - DC20 to 36V
        * Derating is required at or below 22V
        - Efficiency: 75% typical at DC 24V
        * Output harnesses are optional.
        *Please use Metric Screw Threads, ("M3" screws) for PSU mounting.(Inch Screw Threads cannot be used.)
        Function :For description of function, click each icon
        DC Startup complianceRS232C uncomplianceTTL uncomplianceSilent complianceRoHS Directive complianceConnection compliancePFC uncomplianceLead-free compliance5VSBFAN uncomplianceTSFCFAN uncomplianceUSB uncompliance
        Output specification
        Output specification
        Output connector: For description of function, click each icon
        Output connector for ATX Mother Board compliance ATX 12V ver. 2.0 or later power supply with SSI power connector uncomplianceATX20+4Pin uncomplianceAT motherboard output connector uncomplianceATX Motherboard Auxiliary Connector uncomplianceProcessor connector for ATX motherboard uncomplianceProcessor Connector for SSI Motherboard uncompliancePCI-Express uncompliancePCI-E 8Pin uncompliancePeripheral connector complianceConnector compliant with the S-ATA (Serial ATA) standard complianceConnectors for FDDs compliance
        Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
        Compatible case size Other
        Outline drawing 93Wx55Hx160D
        Weight 0.71 kg typ
        Input Voltage AC
        Efficiency AC
        Power factor
        Input changeover system
        Safety IEC60950-1 compliant
        High frequency current regulation
        EMI standard
        (Input feedback noise)
        CE marking
        EMS immunity Electrostatic discharge to meet EN61000-4-2
        MTBF 100,000H
        Operating temperature 0 to 60 deg C.
        Leakage current
        Cooling systems Air-cooling without blower
        Insulation AC 1KV/min between DC input and FG/DC output
        Output ground connection AC 1KV/min between DC input and FG/DC output
        Warranty Three years after delivery, however, if defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost.
        Accessory (Optional)
        WH-M2022-500 20-Pin Mother Board Harness
        WH-PP610-850 Peripheral Connector Harness(Peripheral*5 FDD*1)
        WH-PS610-850 Peripheral Connector HarnessPeripheral Connector Harness(Peripheral*3 S-ATA*2 FDD*1)
        Download Product and Technical Information
        Instruction Manual Test data Product catalogue product specification
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