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        Nipron's WorldWelcome to the world of Nipron.
        Nipron's Principles Seven management concept
        Seven management concept 1234567
        Skill concept
        Mastery philosophy
        Master the technique of creating a power supply!Master the way of producing power supply devices for the electron, electric machine and aim the NO.1 enterprise as a power supply manufacturer representative from Japan.Master the technique of business protection!Our commitment is to provide safety and security for our customers as added values through highly reliable and efficient production of power supply units based on the consciousness and concept of °»protection.°…Master the technique of creation!It is extremely difficult task to continue making quality products in this hyper deflation trend.  To prove the faith and management concept of Nipron philosophy and business idea is providing added value(product power) to clients, we must not be complacent, need the power of philosophy to given off from all the staff and high marketing strength.Nipron will make every effort in order to enhance these powers and improve the brand image.
        WHAT'S NIPRON°°About Our Business The president words Nipron's characteristics Story about power supplies GEN-SAN°«S muttering
        NEW TOPICS
        Introduction of our organizations & Various departments Nipron°«s idea over environment Appealing stage for Nipron products 欧美日韩在线无码,成年女人看片免费视频,亚洲日韩欧洲不卡在线高清在线观看,国产欧美日韩,国产 日本 欧美 亚洲 日韩