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        Nipron's WorldWelcome to the world of Nipron.
        Nipron's Principles Seven management concept
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        Enterprise concept
        Business Principles
        When Nipron was founded in January 1963 as Nihon Protector, this corporate name was chosen to signify our intention to specialize in the field of providing our customers with reliable protection. From the beginning, our company has been dedicated to making products that embody the principle of °»reliable protection.°…Protecting the security of your information assets!As a global leader in the development of nonstop power supplies (power-outage preventive and uninterruptible ATX power supplies), Nipron makes products that protect information technology resources. We deliver the latest in extremely reliable, long-lasting, second-generation ATX power supplies.Protecting the environment!We are leading the field in becoming fully lead-free, in accordance with the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) directive. Starting with ATX power supply, we have increased our power supply conversion efficiency from the usual 70% to between 75 and 80%. By significantly cutting energy loss, we are hoping to be pioneers in the prevention of global warming.
        WHAT'S NIPRON°°About Our Business The president words Nipron's characteristics Story about power supplies GEN-SAN°«S muttering
        NEW TOPICS
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