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        02/17/2012 pNSP2U-1000P-AAS
        Nipron's Unique Primary Redundant Power Supply(1000W type)
        ¡üBy applying our own method of Primary redundant, we achieve high efficiency and high reliability on power supply.
        ¡ü10% increase in efficiency compared with the existing models
        by modifying circuit at input unit, mounting high performance components and synchronous rectification circuit
        ¡üOutput connector method responding to a variety of connector types
        ¡üPower delivery ratio between two input units controlled by external signal
        ¡üFailure unit will be reported by output signal and LED indication.
        ¡üDifferent inputting possible by changing the primary side of unit.
        Nipron's Unique Primary Redundant Power Supply(ATX type)
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