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        Materials-PurchaseSourcing and selling
        Challenging!! Mutually sharing our corporation of buying and selling is essential for growing our business continuously in this extreme demanding market. 
We are hoping to understand and construct our relationship as enhancing the foundation applying from each company¡Çs ideas.Purchasing policiesBasic purchase procedure¡¡ProcedureAbout green procurement¡¡EcologyThe inquiry about procurement¡¡Inquiry
        Purchasing policies
        1.Establishing the strong and powerful procurement routes
Selection of suppliers is implemented by synthetic evaluation and appropriate procedure with its material quality, reliability, delivery, price, technology development ability, management ability, and mainly by proposal ability from now on.
We look for suitable transaction and parts/materials from the world market. 
We really appreciate our venders and suppliers for developing beneficial and win-win relationship to promoting and facilitating the solicitation and introduction of diverse businesses to Nipron¡Çs procurement processes, with the objective of providing diverse suppliers equal access to potential procurement opportunities.
        3. Perseverance, Faithfulness and Preciseness=CSR management We contribute to the society throughout purchasing activities observing the related our Seven management business concepts.  We make an action of our purchasing activities based on this thoughts.
        1.Information list of obtaining in sources and materials Please refer to the information in VA file. 2.Offering list in sources and materialsWe are truly grateful for making effective use of surplus electronic components at our company.
        ¢£Purchase contact For information about procurement opportunities for diverse suppliers, please contact here.
        1-3-30,Nishinagasu cho, Amagasaki city, Hyogo,
        660-0805, Japan
        Head office Production Administration Department Purchase division
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