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        Event information
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        2006/08/30 Electronica 2006 Germany: Munich
        会期:2006/11/14〜2006/11/17 ブースNo.:Booth No.:A6.458
        We’ll run a solo booth at Electronica 2006 in Germany (Munich).

        We are going to introduce our industrial ATX power supply, Non-Stop power supply, and motivity power supply to the European market. We'll also demonstrate our backup system of motivity power supply with electric double layer capacitor.

        Electronica 2006
        2006/06/05 Computex Taipei
        会期:2006/06/06〜2006/06/10 ブースNo.:Booth No.:365,367(Hall 3)
        Please come to see Nipron's booth at the largest IT Trade show in Asia!
        Please see, touch, and check our confident products at Taipei WTC Exhibition
        You are able to check our Non-Stop, Fan-Less Power Supply and much more latest products.
        We are looking forward to seeing you in Taipei!!
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