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        About usCompany profile
        Company profile Nipron
        IR information
        Management philosophy
        Business philosophy
        History of Nipron
        Branch / Group company
        Establishment 1970-1980 1981-1990
        1991-2000 2001-Present
        2000. Co-developed Smart Nonstop Power Supply using Nickel battery with Toshiba Denchi(battery) Corp. and started doing business with the company.
        Developed and sold NSP7 (100W) and c-NSP (compact PCI type) in a series of Nonstop Power Supplies.
        1999. Received ISO9001 certification in all plants and offices.
        Gained a recognition of the excellence of Nonstop power Supplies and Issued warrant bond on receiving a debt guarantee by FORECS.
        Developed and sold Silent Power Supply PCSA-300P-X2S
        and Subminiature PC Power Supply PCSM-100-X2S.
        1998. Built the plant in Matsusaka, Mie prefecture named "Matsuzaka Dream Factory"
        Add 150W, 250W and 375W types power supply in NSP2 series for IBM-Compatible Nonstop Power Supply.
        1997. Nonstop power supply was awarded the NBK grand prix by the New Business Conference Kansai.
        After the product is accepted as an excellent Nonstop power supply by Osaka prefecture, it was identified by the 3rd article of the fourth amendment involves temporary measures law under promotion of creative active conduct of business.
        Obtained patent in the United States for Nonstop Regulator.
        Developed and sold IBM-Compatible PC Power Supply "PCS series" and IBM-Compatible Nonstop Power Supply "NSP2 series".
        1996. Our Nonstop Power Supply was awarded an Outstanding Performance Award at Osaka Venture Expo.
        Applied for six patents regarding Nonstop Power Supply.
        Gained a recognition of the excellence of Nonstop Power Supply and certified as a qualified company of new business law by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Also obtained debt guarantee by FORECS.
        Built another plant in Amagasaki city, Hyogo, named "Hanshin Dream Factory" and it became the new headquarter of Nipron.
        1995. Gained the recognition of the excellence of High-efficiency best-mix DC Power Supply using solar and mid-night power and received industry improvement grants 1995 by the Kinki Bureaus of International Trade and Industry.
        1994. Gained recognition for excellence of development of in-car subminiature and rapid battery charger for electrical automobiles from Osaka prefecture and received financial support as "Frontier Industry".
        Awarded "Taku Gin Frontier Outstanding Performing Award" by Hokkaido Takushoku Bank for the same reason above, in October.
        Applied for three products patents in Nonstop Power Supplies
        and battery chargers.
        Signed an agreement with the Kansai Electric Power Co., INC on commissioned manufacturing of solar inverter.
        1993. Development of in-car subminiature and rapid battery charger for electrical automobiles' excellence was recognized by Vinyl Environmental Council (VEC) and gained guarantee of debt.
        Also, received the "Technical Improvement Funds 1993" from the Kinki Bureaus of International Trade and Industry.
        Applied for three patents and a utility model regarding the products above.
        1992. Awarded an excellent company as promoting good quality product by Osaka Prefecture.
        1991. Issued warrant bond on receiving a guarantee by FORECS (Foundation for OSAKA Research and Enterprise Companies) for programmable system switching compact-rapid battery.
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