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        Distributors wanted
        Nipron has been a leading manufacturer of power supplies in Japan since the company was founded in 1970. Our lineup includes AC-DC power supplies, medical power supplies, ATX power supplies, UPS function embedded ATX power supplies as well as backup power systems.

        We provide solutions to a wide range of high-end industries including industrial computers, medical devices, machine tools, testing and measurement, money handling, transportation and renewable energy.

        We are always looking for suitable companies to join our worldwide distribution network. We provide promotion materials, technical documents, price lists, and training to give our distributors an understanding about our range of products.
        After understanding of our products and studying the potential market, typically the next step is to discuss sales strategy and monthly sales target amount. Based on this discussion, we will determine the next step.

        For those who are interested in becoming our distributor, the following form can be used to contact the person in charge of global sales.
        Please fill out the following form
        Please be sure to fill in items marked (*)

        Company / Organization name*
        Department & Section
        Your full name*
        Address including Zip Code*
        TEL(Include country and area codes)*
        E-Mail Address*
        Please add any comments.

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